A New Year A New Me?

No I’m still going to me, not somebody completely different the size 8 version is not on the horizon nor is the gold medalist ( I was terrible at sports before my health went south). THEME 2018 is all about Growth for me. Over the last 18months I started to put my writing higher up … Continue reading A New Year A New Me?

Why I write 

I am a story teller at heart. I love to share my experiences, my thoughts, my pain and even my pearls of wisdom. If it helps just one person I will feel I have achieved something special. I have a voice and my very own story that's full of twists, turns plus an endless supply … Continue reading Why I write 

New Shoes

As far back as I can remember I loved getting new shoes. Going to a shop where there's so much choice finding ones that not only fit me but made me feel special. Oh and I absolutely loved meeting new people. Sales assistants were just my personal audience, I looked forward to perform to, showing … Continue reading New Shoes


When I was little going to sleep was this magical escape for me, as I was off to dreamland where I could slay dragons, fly on the back of the most beautiful bird  and basically star in my very own story. Nowadays it's a battle and prayer that I get some sleep. I hope that … Continue reading Sleep

I Smile

I smile because I'm a survivor I smile because I believe in the impossible I smile because giving up is too easy, finding my way through is the only option for me. I smile because I take great pleasure in infecting people with happiness. I smile because you can never know what joy really is … Continue reading I Smile