A New Year A New Me?

No I’m still going to me, not somebody completely different the size 8 version is not on the horizon nor is the gold medalist ( I was terrible at sports before my health went south).


2018 is all about Growth for me. Over the last 18months I started to put my writing higher up on my agenda, whilst I have done this before, this feels different as I have progressed in ways that still surprises me. I am determined not to keep having this dream of seeing my words come alive on a stage, this is actually going to happen.

If anyone told me this time last year that I’d be catching buses without assistance, traveling on trains by myself and being accepted on a playwright course, I’d tell you thats make believe.

Being blessed with a powerchair has changed my life in ways its really hard for most people to explain. Just going out on New Year’s Day for a stroll was easy, being at her side chatting away without her having to think about helping me….Awesome!


1 By the end of 2018 I will have 3 finished pieces including a full length play.

2 Healthier habits acquired. I am not expecting to have lost x amount but less sugar, salt and fat will be a huge achievement.

3 Selfcare is not Selfish: I am going to continue on looking after myself, removing as much drama in my life the only drama I want is what I create on the page.

4 Memories. I can’t do most things without support and I am going to enjoy sharing these amazing memories with my mum and some of my very special friends.

5 Lastly I am going to stress less by remembering to breathe. I can’t do much about the 2 things that causes the most stress in my life. My body’s need to have regular ‘temper tantrums’ but I will do all I can to manage symptoms holistically.

The care I receive is problematic at the moment but I am already looking at ways to improve that so hopefully it won’t be so much of an issue.


I hope the finish line is no where insight so these goals for 2018 are guidelines and if not completed by the end of the year that thats ok with me.

Reading more, writing more, laughing more and feeling happier with myself I see will be a wonderful side effect to focusing on my writing.

My hope for everyone who has taken the time to read this post is that they will at least get 1 step closer to realising their dreams, find joy in unlikely places and have a year full of blessings.

I hope you are intrigued about goals and will check back to find out how my year is going…..oh and before I forget,


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