Why I write 

I am a story teller at heart. I love to share my experiences, my thoughts, my pain and even my pearls of wisdom. If it helps just one person I will feel I have achieved something special. I have a voice and my very own story that’s full of twists, turns plus an endless supply of drama. This is my unique story and there is only one person who is fully qualified to tell it, the one who has lived, breathed and survived it. Yes this is my journey that has many lessons woven into, it’s time for me to share it with the world.

Books have transported me into different realms, minds and places thanks to the sweat blood and tears of talented writers. Books contain our history, our thoughts feeling and wisdom. They are a tangible link to our past and a helping hand for our future. To be able to create a safe place that can nurture, inspire and entertain young minds is a gift I hope one day I will have the honour of unwrapping.

Words inspire action and action leads to change. My words have inspired me to breakdown my comfort zone, push through my personal walls of pain, blessing me with experiences money can’t buy. So if my words can do that for me, then hopefully they will lead to something beautiful that will stand the test of time. Maya Angelous poem “And Still I rise” saw me through my harsh teenage years and my turbulent 20’s and 30’s and I am sure suthey will be  with me until the day I die. Her words gave me hope, and a tangible power that I have leaned on and grown with. I am embracing the person I have become thanks to her words.

On a page I’m just a collection of words, how I use them is entirely up to me. I love that challenge and the responsibility that comes with it. I can hide in these words and though I can be seen it’s harder for me to be harmed. I’m baring my soul, stripping my vulnerability to reveal my beating heart not just so people can be entertained but so I can leave a gift that not only burnishes Leanna was here on the minds and hearts of many. Seeds are left that in time will grew and bare beautiful fruit. I don’t want to be remembered for the circumstances I endured and overcame but for the light my words are blessed with.

Words have taught me that I am the Master of my fate and the Captain of my soul.

Dyslexia held me back from fully immersing my self in the literary world but is was the challenge that language presented that helped me find my purpose, my home. Words are a weapon that can hurt and heal. Words do not discriminate, they can transcend boundaries evoke unity and bring peace. Words don’t isolate they tie us to our collective humanity.

Words: the only limitation is my imagination.

I write because the words that are embedded within me, hold the answer to my freedom. They carry the weight of my ancestors the dreams of my family and the hope I have dream of.

Language gives birth to our hopes and dreams, which is why I write to my husband and child as I will know that they have been created from me. Not from my desperation or fears but from my love, my dreams and my faithful hope. I am not letting go of what I hope for I am working hard to embrace them in my tomorrow.

This is why I write, this is my truth, this is my source of inspiration, my language of hope.
When you have found your passion you find your peace.

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