I Smile

I smile because I’m a survivor

I smile because I believe in the impossible

I smile because giving up is too easy, finding my way through is the only option for me.

I smile because I take great pleasure in infecting people with happiness.

I smile because you can never know what joy really is without first experiencing pain.

I smile because nothing can steal my joy, I refuse to hand over the very thing that gives me hope.

The story behind ‘I Smile’ 

I have shared some of ‘I Smile’ which is basically a piece about all the many reasons I have to smile, my achievements and the fact I Smile in the face of society’s judgements because I happen to tick the disability box. 

Although I wrote this for a particular project this piece has become very personal to me. It inspires me when life gets tough.

One of the biggest difficulties for me was to actually remember the lines. So many people told me it must be easy because I wrote them but thats not the case for me. 

I an sure you have heard new mums talk about having ‘baby brain’ well I have a M.E brain. I can know exactly what I want to say but they get stuck in my grey matter not wanting to budge and the more I try to pluck them out the more they stay hidden from my grasp and yes you guessed it, it’s beyond infuriating. 

I love to get lost in a book but since developing ME reading is hard work. I find listening to a book and following the text helps me to keep the words long enough to male sense of whats going on in the story. 

I have to rest a lot so devouring a book in a short space of time is something I rarely do.

This is why ‘I Smile’is a huge accomplishment for me and the bonus is it makes people think, yes that really does make me SMILE! 

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