Hello, and welcome.

You’re not quite sure what you have clicked on to are you?

Well I thought I’d share my thoughts, feelings and opinions with you, in the hope it will make you smile, oh and possibly make you think about things slightly differently.

I suppose you want to know who I am?

Well, I could tell you that I am a writer, jewellery designer, a disability rights activist, a Christian who loves Gospel music and who really loves cooking, but that is a bit vague.

Even though that’s all true,  I really hope you come to discover who I am for yourself.

Come along on this journey with me, it’s going to be fun well for me it is, oh and I should warn you now I have an interesting sense of humour,

don’t worry you will be fine….I think😉

Spoiler alert: The next post is about one of my achievements of 2016, pretty epic!




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